Restaurant Manufacture proposes you following «à la carte»


34 € : 1 starter and 1 main course OR 1 main course and 1 dessert

44 € : 1 starter, 1 main course and 1 dessert


Our starters « classicals »

Pig’s ears served warm and crunchy - the chef’s favourite starter

Raw salmon cooked in herb vinaigrette, mixed salad leaves

Rustic leg of lamb terrine, chives, Guérande salt, lightly cruched pepper and toast Pan

Pan-fried squid and sweet peppers with olive oil - Sup 3€

Big green salad with fresh herbs, lemon olive oil


Ours starters « from season »

Milk bread spring roll lobster - Sup. 4 €

Duck foie gras cooked in a towel, sour cherries – Sup 6 €

Zucchini velvety with mint and tomato-safran

Old-fashioned style tomatoes with olive oil and creamy burrata

Country bread vegan style, avocado, salad, radish and tomatoes



Our fish « classicals »

Roast royal sea-bream “ratatouille-style” and olive oil with herbs

Roast back of coalfish, mashed potatoes and nut-brown butter


Our fish « from season »

Oven-baked cod filler with pan-sautéed wild mushrooms

Back of swordfish cooked "à la plancha" mashed potatoes with olive oil

Steamed skate wing, baby spinach leaves and sweet and sour sauce


Our meats « classicals »

Ox cheek braised in red Graves wine and split peas purée

Pan-sautéed beef ribsteak, herbs butter and mashed potatoes

Seaseoned calf’s head, brains and tongue


Our meats « from season »

Roasted Iberian pork pluma, oven-baked pesto flavored tomatoes

T-Bone of veal, eggplant caviar with thyme - Sup 4 €

Leg of lamb steak cooked "à la plancha" with green vegetables


Our cheeses

Brie de Meaux and Roquefort cheese «à la guillotine» - Sup 7.5 €

Goat’s cheese (Crottin de Chavignol) from Gilles Dubois - Sup 7.5 €


Our desserts « classicals »

Soft chocolate cake with ginger candied apples

French toast-style brioche with milk caramel and ice cream

Chocolate-banana crunch

Platter of milk ice cream and fresh fruit sorbets


Our desserts « from season»

Warm served tin apricot tart with vanilla ice cream (to be ordered at the beginning of the meal)

Frosted peach like a frosted lemon

Chocolate shell, white chocolate ganache, smelting raspberrie-tonka, hot chocolate served at the moment

Strawberry freshness, strawberry sorbet served with on a trout of almonds

Gourmet coffe with 3 small desserts – Sup 2 €




In addition , Jean-Christophe Lebascle proposes you on the black board some suggestions of the day included in this menu.




Since July 2013, Jean-Christophe Lebascle joined the “Collège culinaire de France - Quality Restaurant” – which means this implies a commitment to the profession and customers on the quality and transparency of homemade products and quality of hospitality.




The majority of our vegetables is resulting from reasoned or biological agriculture.

Our vegetables are bought on the Market of Rungis at the Square of the Small producers.

We are also vigilant on the purchases of our meats and our fish



The Manufacture

20, Esplanade of The Manufacture

92130 Issy-les-Moulineaux -  FRANCE